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The best time of year to get married in Iceland depends largely on what the couples and their guests want to do.

Tips for Planning a Wedding in Iceland

Couples looking to plan the ideal wedding are heading in increasing numbers to Iceland, and with good reason. The country's unforgettable, picturesque beauty makes it the perfect spot for adventure weddings, which offer couples unique yet luxurious experiences that will be sure to make their special day a splash. The best way to ensure a positive experience is, of course, to hire an Iceland Wedding Planner to ensure that everything goes smoothly; read on to find out about some of the services they provide below.

When to Book

Most couples planning an Iceland Wedding start looking into booking between 18 and 24 months prior to their desired wedding dates. Booking early ensures that the best luxury hotels or AirBnB rentals will be available and that all members of the wedding party will be able to find accommodations. Iceland is a major tourist destination, so it's essential that couples make plans in advance.

Choosing a Date

The best time of year to get married in Iceland depends largely on what the couples and their guests want to do. February and March are the best times of year to see the Northern Lights and explore Iceland's famous ice caves; however, those who are looking to take advantage of more daylight and a warmer climate may prefer to schedule their weddings for summer months. Wedding ceremonies can take place during any month; it's usually best, though, to keep in mind that Iceland experiences only three to six hours of daylight from November to January and to plan the wedding for a different time of year.

What to Expect

Most Iceland adventure weddings take place a few hours outside of Reykjavik. This allows couples and their guests to appreciate the full extent of Iceland's beautiful scenery and luxurious countryside accommodations away from crowded tourist destinations. Adventure weddings are intended to be action-packed and often take an average of 17 hours from the time when preparations begin to the final toast of the night, but those who don't want to commit to a full day of adventure can also scale back the proceedings so that the ceremony can be completed earlier.

Most wedding planners offer a variety of packages depending on the couple's situation and budget, but the majority of couples prefer to have photos taken to commemorate their experiences. Iceland's unique landscape offers plenty of amazing locations for capturing beautiful photos. However, some couples do find that planning only packages are a better fit for their budgets.

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